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It’s a lot of mental fortitude and will power to stick to a strict schedule but it gives you a lot of confidence and mental toughness. June 28,2020- Garrett H.

This program has been a challenge not only physically but also mentally. It has pushed me to discover my potential and ultimately allowed me to reach new levels of my fitness. June 26,2020. – Ross M.

Very knowledgeable, consistent and hard working. Pushed me to get better and really cares about his craft. My experience has been great. For the first time in my life, iv stayed on my diet and have been accountable to a high degree and have had a great time in the process.
Jul 30, 2018- Chris “The Professional Hitter” Reid

Chris is one of the best guys to work with. He is super helpful and always goes above and beyond his call of duty. He is a positive influence to be around and will motivate anyone he meets to work hard. Overall, Chris is a wonderful instructor and will help anyone who is willing to put in the work!
Jul 1, 2018 – Leighton W.

Working with Chris has fundamentally shifted my ideas and views on fitness for the better. I have made immense progress in record time thanks to his guidance. Throughout my experience, Chris was always professional and kind, and communication was swift and frequent. He was always available to answer whatever silly questions might arise. I would highly recommend his services to anyone with any fitness-related goals, and cannot thank him enough. Jun 12, 2018 – Ron F.

Chris came into my life when I was having an extremely difficult time. He was able to direct my focus to a positive place for an hour two days a week as we trained. Gradually, my body and my head responded and we have been working together for over a year now. Chris is not only knowledgeable and experienced, he is kind, caring and honest. I love what he has helped me achieve and I love working out with him. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Jun 12, 2018 – Patte K.

Online training with Chris was great! He taught me so much that helped me change what I was doing in the gym to actually see results. He also taught me a lot about having the right attitude about weight loss and gave me the tools to continue into the future. He was professional, confident, and supportive, and I would 100% train with him again 🙂
Jun  11- Madeline R.

Chris is a phenomenal man, and trainer. He’s motivated and cares a lot about the people he trains. From diets all the way to a personally tailored workout plan, Chris is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend his services.
Jun 11- Drew S.

Chris help me take the lbs off my behind, and helped me stack them on the bench! Never looked better, and I feel like a million bucks, not a million calories!!!
Jun 10- Cassandra D.

Chris is always to supply me with the knowledge and workouts I need in order to reach my goals! He holds me accountable and pushes me through my workouts when training me. He is very professional when it comes to getting you your meal plan on time and explaining any questions you might have. I would highly recommend him as a trainer for someone is wanting to just stay in shape or for someone who wants to take their fitness to another level
Jun 10- Kendall B.

Chris has definitely been a huge help in my weight/ muscle gain. If you are looking for a reasonable priced, hard-working trainer then you’ve found the right spot. Thank you Chris for the help!
Jun 9, 2018- Noah D.

Chris has helped me so much in just a few short months! I already can feel the difference in my body and overall health. He is extremely helpful and always willing to help you with honest feedback. If you listen to his rules, he works WONDERS!!!!!
Jun 8,2018 – Madison J.

Chris has great knowledge about fitness and is very committed to his clients reaching their fitness goals. He puts his clients first and has a very flexible schedule.
Feb 8, 2017- Daniel G