I am the head lifestyle coach for Team Legacy, a premier bodybuilding team lead by olympian, ryan hinton.

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Online Training Questionnaire

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Fully Online Fat Loss or Muscle Gain

$300 4 weeks

$850 12 Weeks (Most Popular)

$1500 24 weeks

$3,000 Yearly (2 months free)

  • Free app to track your progress directly from your phone!
  • Customized diet includes an example of what to eat every day including intra workout nutrition
  • Exclusive access to a website that will give you other customized meal plans.
  • Cardio Plan to ensure that you reach your goals.
  • Tracking sheet to keep you accountable (weigh ins, measurements, pictures).
  • Weekly Email Check ins
  • Your plan will receive adjustments whenever necessary to your progress doesn’t stall.
  • Workout Templates and recommendations.
  • 24\7 Access to my personal phone #.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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12 Week Plan


Online Macro Planning

$150/ Monthly

$400/ 3 Months (Most Popular)

$1530/ Yearly

  • Free App to track your progress directly from your phone!
  • My detailed nutrition breakdowns, easy to follow recipes, and grocery lists to simplify your life and keep you engaged.
  • Exclusive access to a service that will give you example days so you don’t get bored.
  • Accountability (We need to keep you on track)
  • Biweekly or Weekly Check-In (on request)
  • Weekly Adjustments

One-time Meal/ Workout plan


  • After a consultation and your on boarding form are filled out, you will receive a personalized plan specific to your goals.
  • An example day of meals will be given to you along with target macro counts.
  • You will be supplied with a workout template that fits your goals.
  • One free check in and revamping of your program to ensure your success.

Men’s Physique Posing


  • I have helped numerous competitors including a Men’s Physique IFBB Pro.
  • You will receive five twenty (20) minute posing sessions.
  • I recommend getting help posing beginning about 8 weeks out once you begin to get into contest shape. 
  • Posing is one of the critical parts of a bodybuilding show.
  • We will work to ensure that you are able to hide your flaws and let your strengths shine. 
  • Continuous work and help in your front and back mandatory poses.