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How To Fix “I Don’t Have Time”

  “I don’t have time, I’m too busy” is something that I have heard countless times. When I hear it, it gets my attention because now I have to decide what it is that makes the client “too busy” to take care of themselves physically, which in turn also helps their mental health. It oftenContinue reading “How To Fix “I Don’t Have Time””

Effects of Alcohol and Fitness, “Do I workout with a hangover?”

We’re back with another Sunday blog post! I’m sure 99% of the people reading this post have woken up on a Sunday morning (or a Tuesday, it happens sometimes) and had their head absolutely throbbing from all the fun they had the night before involving alcohol consumption. The common symptoms from a hangover are fatigue,Continue reading “Effects of Alcohol and Fitness, “Do I workout with a hangover?””